I have great experience in multiple areas since many years. Here I'm presenting a part of the offered services.

Consulting for public funded projects

For universities, universities of applied sciences and SEMs public funding is sometimes the only way to aquire funds for projects. I have experience on multiple topics for many years and can support you during all phases of a public funded project. To apply successfully for a grant, the first phase of writing the application or proposal is very important. Special care should be taken on formalities and the description of the propose work packages in conjunction with programatic frames of the public institution. I help and support you on filling out the official forms on content and finanical related items and review your written text. Due to experience with successful granted funds over many years, I can help you identify potential problematic parts form a legal and content related point-of-view. My key experiences and capabilities are:

  • Acquisiton and writing of the application
  • Filling out of the necessary forms and clarification of burocratic issues
  • Support on cost planning, personell costs as well as goods and equipment
  • Support on payment requests forms ("Zahlungsanforderung") and annual financial statements ("Zwischennachweis")
  • Support and creation of presentations and report for the funding institution
  • Support and creation of the final report and the complete financial statement

If you don't want to deal or become an expert on the forms named AZA, AZK, ZAZA, NABF, Wilke Engineering Consulting can help you. Focus on the important things: Your work and let me support you on your way.


Elektronics Development

Since more than 20 years I'm active in electronics development. The key areas are:

  • Development of analogue circuits and schematics
  • Microcontroller and embedded solutions
  • Raspberry Pi based solutions for controlling, interfacing, sensor data gathering and data processing


Software Development

Since I was a teenager I dedicated myself to software development. I manage both the classic programming languages like C/C++, Java, Python, Perl as also modern web applications like Vue.js-based Single Page Applications (SPA). The most often used REST interface for the communication of applications and server is my favorite one in private projects.

You need a stable and scalable software solution? I offer extensive consulting and support on the concepts available on the market. Toegether we develop a solution that fits your needs and requirements in the best way.


Linux Server and networks

In the area of server installations and maintainance I count on more the 15 years of experience, running more than 30 servers at different locations in Germany. The most common applicaitons are:

  • Webserver (apache or nginx)
  • Fileserver (Samba)
  • Geo-redundant backup solutions
  • High availability server cluster with automatic fail-over or load balacing
  • Application server for (geo-)distributed high availability services

Network technology and infrastructure also fascinates me since, well since it existed.

  • You want to extent your network infrastructure and update it to the state-of-the-art?
  • You want to improve your IT security against intrudes from both inside and outside?
  • You want to offer you employees in times of corona a secure and fast access from home office to your company network?

Contact me and we will develop toegether concepts and stragegies of deployment for a modern, secure, fast and especially customized to your individual needs network infrastructure.

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